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March 15, 2012 -- video mega-shoot and acting class

I wanted to post a wrap-up of Tuesday's super-shoot yesterday, but my office job pretty much swallowed me whole from nine straight through to five, and after that I had my second-to-last winter term acting class. That was fun but a little odd -- more about that later.

First, the shoot! I would like to say that it was amazing! We ended up only being able to get the studio for two hours, and we still managed to shoot seven videos PLUS take new profile pictures for Clobberetta and Nyx while only going 10 minutes over and *slightly* annoying the studio mangager. HUGE thank you to everyone for being so on target.

The really unusual thing about this shoot was that I was hardly in any videos myself. Though I do love jumping into the fray, this night was all about showcasing new and returning talent and never-before-seen skills from other wrestlers, which was exactly perfect. I got to do a little camera work and little directing, and it was fantastic to get to watch the other ladies work, especially seeing their different styles back-to-back like that. Clobberetta has a big bluff 'n' tough attitude; Nyx is more of a princess, letting her victim know just how gross it is that he's sweating on her while she squeezes him; and Orlandoe is simply insane!!! But at least she knows it.

We started with Clobberetta's mixed domination video -- she grabbed an unsuspecting victim out of the hallway, tossed him on the mats, and proceeded to launch her comeback with a bang. I LOVED watching the little guy try to crawl and scramble away as she stalked him across the mats, and when she shouted at him "I was looking for a fight, not a dog!" it was totally priceless.

Nyx's domination of Diablo followed, and she showed she's a lady who can make scissoring a guy's head look classy and fashionable. Next, onward to armwrestling -- this was where I got to make a brief visit to the mat. Orlandoe and I carried our rivalry to yet another arena: Arm Wrestling: VeVe vs Orlandoe. I've already been notified that my form is terrible, but I do show off a lot of bicep. And with corrections to my form (Who knew? Probably everyone; I feel like a dolt), I may soon be ready to take the arm wrestling world by storm!

We moved next to a pair of specially commissioned tickle domination videos. Poor Ben got to learn the true meaning of tickle torture as he was the requested victim for both clips. In his bout with Orlandoe, that sneaky sadist AGAIN pullled a dirty trick to bind her victim's hands right at the top of the match, and after that no matter how much Ben squirmed and thrashed (and yipped, laughed, and gasped) she always managed to recapture his feet and continue tickling his soles. Ben was looking for a break to catch his breath after that, but it was not to be! Straight on to another round with Clobberetta, in which she repeatedly forced him into Indian deathlocks, pinning his arms behind his back and exposing his feet, and tickled away.

Our very last video was with Orlandoe, and I will repeat that she is crazy! She also definitely has an issue with me -- she claimed that my wrestling domination videos are no good and that she could "out-domme" me. To prove her point, she seized our cameraman, and if domination means choking and choking and choking your victim, I will admit she is damn good at it. But better than me, I will not admit! ...Actually, I am a big enough person to admit there is at least one department where Orlandoe is better than me -- I wish I had her legs. Between the light and the shiny sweat and her nicely muscled capoeira legs, she looked awesome in this video. But still psychotic! She even told Diablo (while choking him) that she wished it was my neck she was squeezing. I may need to be afraid.

That was the shoot!

My other story is about last night's acting (scene study) class. I'd previously done only a short practice scene and the beginning of a scene I had to abandon when my partner up and left on a three-week vacation in Brazil (and didn't take me with her, bitch). This was my first "big" scene, and I was very excited for it because without performing you don't get critiques and feedback, and without that it might as well not be a class. But after presenting, the only feedback I got was "wonderful, beautiful, great interpretation, great execution." Now that's extremely nice, don't get me wrong, but damn it, I wanted to know how to make it better! The scene felt *pretty good* to me, but certainly not perfect.

The really funny thing was that suddenly after I got this great review from the prof, other students I'd never even talked to before came up and started asking me for advice...but the thing they mostly asked about was how to be more comfortable wearing less clothing on stage! The scene called for me to wear lingerie and attempt to seduce a reluctant man, so I suppose I put on a bit of a show there. Somehow I don't think that "work out a whole lot and then practice doing sexy wrestling in front of a camera," is advice these ladies will be able to use. (But who knows?!) Last night gave me the feeling that domination wrestling is better preparation for acting than acting is for domination wrestling. But quite likely that only applies to that scene. I don't want to be cocky, and I DO want critiques. Next week the Brazilian vacation partner returns, and we'll get to revive our daughter-fighting-with-mother scene. We'll see how something different goes.

March 12, 2012 -- filming and travel galore!

Before I start talking about relevant wrestling stuff, I just have to do quick rant about the most obnoxious bus experience ever.

Though I've been warned time and again about Chinatown buses, I've always defended them, and, in truth, I've never had a bad experience. That is until this past Friday. I was headed up to Albany, and when I arrived at the bus stop, the bus was there and waiting. I was thrilled; this was unmatched punctuality! But in fact, it turned out the bus was only there because it had flat-out skipped a stop before and planned to turn around, drive the wrong way through Manhattan rush-hour traffic, and only then turn around AGAIN and finally drive the right way. I ended up grossly late to a session that I had deliberately scheduled with buffer time in case the bus was late! I felt terrible - and also SO annoyed.

I have figured out what it is - Boston, D.C., the places with multiple Chinatown lines serving them - you'll be OK; competition is a lifesaver (or at least a huge timesaver) here. Beware the Albanies!

OK, I feel better for having vented that. Onto wrestling -

So much coming up! We have a big six-person video shoot scheduled for tomorrow night. Actually, I'm sure I'll have to write a ton more after this adventure goes down, but this is to set the stage. We have coming:

Orlandoe -- who's been doing an awesome job as the nasty heel in some of my recent videos, but we feel the time has come for her to branch out, take on some new opponents, demolish some men, and move beyond this petty rivalry with me (before I totally kick her ass for that stunt she pulled in Bondage Wrestling Trickery!). We're thinking pantyhose domination and forced arm-pit worship from her, and possibly some mixed competitive.

Clobberetta -- who is back on the wrestling mats after a brief hiatus. She's going to be coming back with a bang; we have a competitive match with Nyx lined up for her -- she'll be facing a female opponent with more formal grappling training than she's got. Clobs will still have the weight advantage but not as much of one as she's used to; Clobs is down to 270 these days, and Nyx weighs in at 190! Afterwards some pinning, crushing, and facesitting of small men is lined up for Clobs.

Nyx -- a newcomer to wrestling videos but not to wrestling. She's a student of BJJ, with some height and weight to back up her skills. She'll be challenging Clobs as mentioned, but afterwards will also likely be joining in the wrestle-crushing of small men fun. That should be great to see -- Nyx has quite a voluptuous and elegant look.

Our boys, Diablo & Ben -- Poor souls. Both these guys have got wrestling chops in their own rights, but they're outnumbered 2 to 1, and in two cases heavily outweighed by their female predators -- I mean opponents. Could be we'll see them pinned at the bottom of a pile of ALL these ladies by the end of the night, who knows?!

Me -- no telling where I'll be jumping into this crazy mix tomorrow! I think there's been some call for a mixed singlet match? Unless Orlandoe fields that request... See, all the options are the trouble with having so many wrestlers for a shoot. We actually put out a call for votes and match suggestions earlier today; there's still time to write in...

The other big item on the agenda is all the travel planning I've been doing lately. Another instance of "there will be more to say AFTER the trips," but here at least is a listing of the travel announcements I've got to make. In the next few months I'll be available for wrestling sessions (and of course video and photo shoots) here, here, and here:

March 30: Nashville
April 14 & 15: Parsippany, NJ
April 20 & 21: Chicago
June 16 & 17: Phoenix
Aug. 31 - Sept. 2: Montreal

And that's not to say that's the only travel I'll be doing. That's just what I've got scheduled so far! Contact me to schedule a meet up in any of these cities.

Look out for the filming report on Wednesday! And send match suggestions before 9 pm Tuesday!

February 29, 2012 -- back from down south! and upcoming...

Yesterday I was strolling along in 80-degree weather, actually thinking it was *close* to getting too hot, and today I'm getting nothing but chilly rain and more rain. But that's OK, I might have hoped I could bring New Orleans's weather home with me, but really I knew it would never fit in my carry-on.

So the trip this past weekend was very nice. The first stop in Mobile to shoot with Brutal Beauties was quite productive, and it was great to visit with Mark too. He was one of my first-ever victims when I was still a bit new to wrestling, and the video we did together then was his very first too. Good to see that he's doing well now with his own company, getting his own studio set up, and planning a lot for more to come.

This time around we did a custom judo video where I first walk in wearing a full gi but also high-heeled sandals. After I throw Mark around a bit, he gets mad and take a swing at me. In vengeance for the foul play, I kick off the heels, force him to suck on my toes, and strip off the gi to finish the rest of the match in lingerie to keep him completely distracted and helpless. I *really* liked my outfit for this video - red lace bra and thong with black back-seam fishnets thigh-highs. Definitely going to have to come back and edit this post with a photo when I've got one pulled from the video.

I'm even more excited about the other video we shot for Doom Maidens. This one combined bondage wrestling with a beatdown scene. Well, really that is to say, Mark's not a hot wrestler, so it was mostly bondage + beatdown. The premise: Mark's ex hired me to take him down and subject him to a torture scene. Not for the faint of heart; he's pretty bruised and marked up by the end, especially around the midsection where I focused on unleashing some hellacious belly punching. I had a great time toying with him -- untying and retying him in different positions and letting the slaps, kicks, and punches rain down. AND the video itself looked great -- great light, liked my outfit again :) Really excited for when we release this one!

So *almost*enough about work, despite that actually being a really fun part of the trip. Got in some very good sessions also. One of my biggest, roughest, and favorite clients was nice enough to drive three hours to see me in Mobile. Gave me a very tough match that really made me earn my vacationing afterwards -- and also gave me a bit of a black eye for the rest of the trip. Ai!

Headed over to New Orleans when we wrapped up with shooting. It tried to rain on me Monday morning, but it was over that by Monday night when I headed out for free, it was steamy, hot and summery by Tuesday. One thing that was fun was seeing all the Mardi Gras decorations still up. The trees were all festooned with beads; giant masks were hanging on the buildings; and I got the feeling there was *zero* rush to get them down :) A little disturbing though that the bakeries were all still trying to unload the leftover king cake -- really, it was a bit late for that.

Anyway, hit up Jax Brewery and conveniently there was some huge group of what seemed to be college theater students on an early spring break. They were only a little annoying, but the waitress was so sorry about them that she volunteered drinks discounts, and I ended up getting some pretty fancy martinis on the cheap. Not to mention the terrific catfish. Yay!

Flew back to NYC yesterday. I'd really thought that during my travel time I would get a lot of reading done for my personal training certification. I tried getting certified once before, and I hated the ACSM course so much that I had to abandon it. Now, I'm trying again with NASM, and I'm amazed at the difference. The information is so much more relevant, interesting, and better presented, it makes me excited to finish the course. I'm about two-thirds of the way through the textbook, but though I hauled it everywhere with me, I ended up negotiating a lot of scheduling for projects this coming weekend via Blackberry instead.

I'm running out of time for details, but basically my next adventure is this: an artist-photographer friend of mine asked me to be an extra in a music video she's working on in exchange for a photo shoot for me. And we're doing both shoots this Saturday! First, video shoot of dancing in battle armor, followed immediately by a pro-style wrestling in pantyhose photo shoot. Should be interesting!

February 24, 2012 -- question: so what's been going on?

Answer: SO MUCH. This is just a little whirlwind overview in a nutshell (and you thought it was hard to get a tempest in a teapot)...

Basically, I made the decision a month or so ago that after years of juggling my office job and my wrestling career, I am certain I want to go full time with the wrestling. Now, everything isn't in place for me to make this switch yet. As far as I'm concerned, the day can't come too soon, but I do also want to be fully prepared. So I'm trying to really step up video production, session travel, and training in preparation.

That's going pretty well for the most part. We just had a terrific video shoot last night where we doubled up shooting to create two wildly different videos. I'm pretty happy with both of them.

One was a double-team match where I took on Jason and Thrash at the same time. That one had a really fun, wacky tone, which I attribute quite a bit to Jason's being naturally fun and wacky to shoot with. Neither of these guys can wrestle worth a damn, so the idea was really to see if two non-wrestlers can equal one well-trained wrestler. And well, they couldn't. At all. They could put me in some tight spots, but ultimately, I got to have a blast handing them their asses and keeping up some heavy teasing and taunting the whole time.

The next video was a bondage match with Diablo -- because it was just about time he and I went at it again with rope. This one was a much more serious match: about 10 minutes of intense struggle as he tried to tie me but tried even more to avoid getting tied, and then once I had him bound and immobilized I got to switch into my tormentress mode. I'd worn my full black bodysuit & tights ensemble for this one, so I figured some high-evil femme fatale action was called for.

Now tomorrow I head off for a four-day session and filming trip way down south. First stopping in Mobile to shoot with Mark of Brutal Beauties at his new studio there -- I'm looking forward to some very sadistic bondage wrestling and more judo domination coming out of that shoot. Then off to New Orleans for sessions and, well, New Orleans! Yay, pretty excited for this one.

So, clearly, good success on the video and travel fronts. The one difficulty is training, and it's just a matter of finding time. Here's the issue -- I've been getting such awesome roleplay requests lately, I figured I'd take an acting class to step it up even more in that department. (And the crazy dreamer part of me said, "And if I get discovered, so much the better!") I went for Scene Study, which sounded like the most "classic" acting experience I could get. Now, at the same time this venture is competing for time with my grappling, Muay Thai, and weight lifting, I'm realizing an Improv class would have been more the thing to do.

Not that I'm not enjoying it, but unless I see Improv or some other perfect fit offered at the perfect on next semester's schedule, I'm out of the studio and back to the gym. That would be a bit of a relief, but I do HATE giving up on things or admitting at can't do it all. We shall see how that goes...

There's definitely more to say, but it will follow in other posts!

February 23, 2012 -- Updating my website and doing near-to-spring cleaning. Although I've been using facebook for most of my "journaling," I do intend to make a come back on blogger and my website journal this season.

March 22, 2011 -- Keep up with me on Facebook!

It's where I've been keeping my updates and "micro blogging" as of March 2011:

June 14, 2010 -- the big day is nearly here...

It's less than a week until the NYC Wrestling Showcase, so you might think that all my energy would be focused on preparing for the big event, but that would just be too easy! Things have been fiendishly busy in my wrestling world of late, in all kinds of ways.

It was quite excellent to have Jenny Sjodin visit NYC over tha past week. We shot a competitive mixed video, Jenny vs. Jay, between her and one of my own favorite grappling rivals, and she and Amazon Annie got to mix it up pro-style in a match for Southern Belles, to be released at a later date. Right in the middle of her visit, Clobberetta and I left on our whirlwind session trip to Virginia Beach. So sadly, Jenny and the Doom Maidens didn't get a chance to train together, but we did manage to get together for delicious drinks and a lovely night out on Sunday after Clobs's and my return.

We've also been working here to get the newest Doom Maidens up and running with their wrestling careers. Just tonight we shot a debut video match between Orlandoe and Ivy -- very intense and *exhausting* action! It will available no later than tomorrow. [ETA: It's available now!] The ever-quarrelsome Clobberetta was also in attendance and also planning to fight tonight, but she was denied! Since her original plan to challenge Annie was foiled by some unfortunate illness on Annie's part, she intended to take on the smaller Orlandoe and Ivy both together after their match. But time ran out, and the 8 o'clock studio renters started knocking on our door. Clobs may need to take her frustration out on *everyone* at training tomorrow.

And of course in the midst of all this, I *have* been preparing for the Showcase. This is going to be such an awesome event with such a fabulous crew of wrestlers. I just drew up the full list and schedule of fights for the weekend a day ago, and *damn.* We've got Clobberetta, Annie, Sherry Stunns, Rachel Sinclair, Dominique Danger, Allana, and myself all fighting. My personal picks that I'm really excited to see are: Annie vs. Sherry -- because I know Annie is out for blood, looking for a "decisive win" in this one, and I wish Sherry all the luck in the world fending her off! Clobberetta vs. the Bulk in their super heavyweight grudge match. And Dominique vs. Allana in their clash of the bodybuilders.

Despite the excellence of the Showcase fights, with so much talent in town we couldn't stop at just seven matches, so we'll be shooting on Sunday too -- a very full weekend! Dominique and Clobberetta will be rumbling, and Mark, my best-ever video victim, will be returning to suffer torment from Sherry and a special, MMA-style beating from me! Among still other matches...

I myself have been having to train very smartly to be ready for my fights next weekend, and I'll have to redouble that this week. I'll be coming off an injury, and I'll be ready to fight and thrilled to get back in action, but this is definitely the most challenging situation I've faced since I've been wrestling.

I'll be going against Allana, Sherry, and Rachel at various points in the weekend, and at the Showcase itself I'll be facing Dominique Danger. I'm excited to get a chance to grapple with all these new ladies but definitely most worried about the Dominique match. This is a 200-lb, seriously strong bodybuilder, who can *move* and trains legitimately in BJJ. I've seen her in action before, and power is the word for it. Holy shit. This isn't any kind of warm up match. I'm going to have to be at my absolute best, and I plan to be.

Enough talk! Sleep, and early morning academy training tomorrow!

June 9, 2010 -- virginia beach this weekend

Hi, Everyone,

Short notice, but I just wanted to announce for any of you that might be in the area that I'll be visiting Virginia Beach this weekend and passing through D.C. along the way. In between my beach-related activities (yay!), I'll be up for some wrestling action.

So if you'd like to get together for a match -- or some belly punching, muscle worship, photo or video shooting, etc. -- let me know!

And also a heads-up that I'll be travelling with my good friend and wrestling accomplice Clobberetta. If you're looking for a heavyweight match, drop this girl a line!

Happy summer, and hope to see some of you soon!

June 1, 2010 -- May, the good and the bad...

So June has been an interesting month for me... It started off with my breaking my foot a few weeks ago. Yes, it did happen grappling, and no it wasn't during competition or a session or training. Just messing around with a friend, wouldn't you know?

So that's really been a pain. I've not been able to keep off the foot nearly as much as I should since New York's such a walking city, and since the injury happened when I was travelling, I've had to go through a slow process to get a referral to a podiatrist close to home.

I'm really not used to being stuck with an injury I can't just tough out, and it's been driving me nuts to turn down matches lately -- sessions, videos with visiting wrestlers, rounds at the last Grapple Den. I've been worrying too about whether I would be recovered enough by June 5th to fight Xana at Monica's event in London -- after conferring with Monica just yesterday, we decided it's best if I don't make the trip. That's disappointing since I was really looking forward to that visit but also, actually, a relief. And the good news is that by playing it safe I'm 99.9% confident that I will be ready to go at the NYC Wrestling Showcase June 19th. (I'd better be; I'm scheduled to fight practically everyone!)

So here's the rest of the good news: I've been filling the time off my feet with some serious upper body work at the gym. It's always fun to make a new plan and set a challenging goal, whatever the circumstances. The goal here, volume! Oh so much lifting. Grueling but awesome. Hopefully, I'll have some good results to flaunt by showcase time.

And last but not at all least, some very exciting and unexpected news. Not one or two, but FOUR new ladies have come out to train with Doom Maidens in the past month! All looking to hone their grappling skills in preparation for video fighting and sessioning in the near future. (Perfect timing; these ladies can pick up the slack for me when I'm literally being lame - not that I'm planning on any more of these detestable injuries ever again!)

There's Clobberetta, a close friend and training partner of mine and a long-time regular and rough-houser at the Grapple Den, who's just about ready to make her official debut. She'll be taking on the Bulk in the coming showcase and also going public with her tremendous size and strength in the session world soon, where I know she's going to smother, crush, lift, and fight like no other.

And there's also Orlandoe, a capoeira expert with a Greco Roman background who's now also training to add submission grappling to her excellent and unique tool kit. She's a complete acrobat and a kicking phenomenon on her feet and a scrappy, whole-hearted warrior on the ground.

Two other ladies aren't quite ready to be introduced yet, so more about them later, but we did have everyone together at a rather epic training session lately. The new recruits teamed up with Amazon Annie and the dismay of Hanz and the Bulk!

  January 24, 2010 -- Wrestling Showcase Report!
So it has been an awesomely full and wonderful weekend. The first ever NYC Wrestling Showcase went better than I could ever have hoped.

The turnout was incredible -- we had about 60 people in the room at one point, which with 150 sq. ft. of mat laid down was pretty much capacity. Thirteen guys came as part of a bachelor party and threw the groom-to-be on the mat with Amazon Annie. One fellow brought an entire gang of his women friends, who got very invested in the battles of the ladies on the mat.

The audience energy really helped rev up the fighters; it was great to hear the cheering, applause, and the coaching in -- though some of the "coaches'" advice was a little crazy ;) The action in the fights was excellent. There was A LOT of competitive grappling, and with the expection of Veronica and Juliette's grudge match the fights were all very sporting, fun, and good-spirited. But no less intense for that!

The whole thing ran very smoothly and to schedule -- despite Veronica Vicious's breezing in just 10 minutes before her first match, executing a very suspensefully and fashionably late entrance. But that's just classic Vicious. A great experience and total inspiration to do more showcases like this in the future (though next month back to the regular Grapple Den party format.)

So Saturday I had two matches of my own -- my rematch against Jenny Sjodin and a shortie against Brian, an excellently skilled freestyle wrestler friend of mine. Jenny is just as good as I remember her being from London -- it was fantastic to see her again, and to fight her, of course! The two of us are a dead even match up in skill. And in the match with Brian -- he gave me some serious trouble, but I was thrilled to get a knee bar submission on him. I never get those!

Probably my favorite match to watch was Annie and Brian's scissors wrestling fight. Brian's a smaller guy, but strong and a bit of a takedown artist, so it was something to see him lift Annie (4" taller and 50 lbs. heavier) and take her to the ground. But on the ground her size mattered, and she was able to smother and grapevine him into submission. Quite a lot of non-scissors action for a scissors match, actually.

And today we were back at it, shooting four more (extremely competitive) videos back-to-back: Jenny vs. Kim II, a wrestling-booted commission match for Southern Belles Wrestling, which had to be decided in overtime; Me vs. Ben, a bout wherin I braved the onslaught of a rampaging freestyler who actually slammed me; Kim vs. Jay, a match-up between two of my best former opponents featuring some intense flexibility on Kim's part; and Me vs. Jenny III, an epic, 40-minute battle half in gi and half in no-gi also featuring my record-setting smallest thong ever.

We wrapped up both days of wrestling with relaxation and fine dining at a couple of excellent restaurants. And that's really been a highlight of this weekend -- the chance to see and hangout with Jenny and Kim while they're visiting from Europe, to bring together so many great people from the New York scene, to introduce and connect everyone to everyone, to trade stories and make plans for future travel, events, and training, and to realize just what awesome people I tend to know and work with.

And now there is SO much video editing to do, but my videographer is a beast of efficiency and the compilation DVD of Saturday's fights will be available at the Doom Maidens Video Store in no time with downloadable versions of the individual matches to be released sequentially soon after...

  November 6, 2009 --
So busy this fall!

My Rematch Video with Kim

My Mixed Match with Jay

My First Figure Contest!

My trip to Toronto, Nov 26-28


  Late September 2009 --
I have been so unbelievable busy lately, I haven't been able to get a new blog entry up! But I have been twittering, and my webmaster has been collecting my tweets and blogging for Doom Maidens in general. I am going to share some of his work regarding my London trip:

As some of you know, VeVe is currently in London!

She just arrived on Friday and she will be staying until Tuesday.

She's participating in a tournament at Monica's and shooting videos for Mixed Wrestling Zone. I will forward some of her latest twitter updates:

3 pm EST: "In London. Had first tournament video match against Anita of Hungary. Nearly smothered her in her hair, but she got revenge with headlocks!"

Apparently that was VeVe's first match and first victory so far. We eagerly await further news.

VeVe writes in to respond:

Thanks for passing that on! I'm just gearing up for second day of fighting and first day of the official event with live audience. That should make for a much more intense day than yesterday.
I'm heading down to the hotel breakfast for a good meal because I think once we get started today, all I'm going to get is those awesome British digestive biscuits to fuel me through at least three tough matches.

Supposedly, I'm in the last fight -- the "main event" -- of this tournament. Very flattering! This was supposed to be match with Kim, but she wasn't able to make it at the last minute due to plane trouble. So now my main event fight will be with Jenny of Manchester. I saw her roll yesterday, and she's got a nice, well-rounded game. And a size advantage over me -- of course!

More updates after the fights, if only my computer battery and the sketchy hotel internet connection hold out!

- VeVe

Here's more word from VeVe about her matches at Monica's tournament in London. We've also been twittering about it on the Doom Maidens Twitter.

Sept 26: VeVe says: "...the filming today was good. I fought Jenny of Manchester, which was a terrific fight and I believe everyone's favorite. We ended up with a draw, though... And I fought Anita again after she was very tired and slaughtered her... Total sporty f v. f..."


Here's a link to Monica's Wrestling Centre, where this London underground tournament is taking place. Here's a blurb from Monica's site:

"26 September is looking great, with a fantastic line-up of wrestling talent. The incredible NY grappler Vetiver Lane from the Doom Maidens has just confirmed, and the legendary Robin from LA is raising sponsorship for what might be her last competitive match! It's to be with our very own Lina, and is set to be a classic! The beautiful Mutiny from Montreal has confirmed, along with new girl Kim who's one of the brightest new wrestling talents. Then there's awesome all-round fighter Jenny Sjödin: pro wrestler, bjj grappler, submission wrestler “ watch out! Regrettably, Reni is unable to come but is replaced by ANITA, who's flying over with Zsuzsa, two more wrestling sensations from Hungary! Don't miss out on this awesome Event; it will be a long time before this much talent is assembled again. Call Monica on 0788 187 2505 or email MWC now! "

Looks like there's some good stuff going on in London this weekend!

  Sept.10, 2009, 5:05 p.m. -- I am so frikkin' tired today and just getting tireder. This is all because I ended up with no break between my Montreal trip and the Grapple Den Party last night. Too much fun lately; recovery needed! But about the fun stuff...

Montreal was beautiful as always -- gorgeous weather, gorgeous city, new favorite patisserie - yum! I definitely need to make a longer visit next time. I enjoyed some shopping in the Latin Quarter and the Village -- found what I thought might be some good new wrestling video thongs, but upon further consideration, they may be TOO tiny. We shall see.

My match with Pamela proved to be an unexpected adventure. I had assumed we were doing competitive grappling, since that's what I usually do and no one told me otherwise beforehand. But I showed up at Gladiateur Gym and discovered we were doing a pro-style match.

Now I've done choreographed pro matches before, and back in my wild young wrestling days, I used to do pro-style jello wrestling on top of nice soft mattresses in a pool of squishy jello. But never before had I done an unscripted match in a hard-surfaced ring with a drop through the ropes to a cement floor below. And especially not with an opponent like Pamela who was versed in all sorts of ways to lift, bend, and toss me.

But what the hell? I'm game and a pretty quick study too, so pretty soon we were yelling and kicking and Boston crabbing all over the ring, and I was getting lofted and hurled around (nearly straight through the ropes a couple times, which would really have been the end of things!) So that was a lot of fun and a little bit terrifying, and Pamela deserves super props for being great to work with and great at what she does.

After that shoot we got some good footage of me kicking judoboy's ass six ways to Sunday, and also some photos, particularly a little set of lift and carry photos. There hasn't been a second to work on any of this stuff since shooting it, but hopefully it will be up on Doom Maidens and this site soon. All around a good collaboration with the Fightingirls crew.

By this time I'd done a lot of fighting, and it was getting late, but I rallied and made it out to the Montreal Fetish Weekend Rococo Ball. Very high fashion event with not a trace of wrestling. I was an idiot not to take a picture, but my corset and sparkly, feathery masquerade mask definitely deserved one. I did cheat on the formality to wear my comfy dancing shoes though. There were good drinks, great performances (fetish fashion exhibits, of course, and also an excellent strip + trapeze dance number), and a wonderful spectacle made by the audience. And dancing!!!

And afterwards I was very tired. Got back to New York late on Monday (scenic route = beautiful but loooong), stayed up late on Tuesday tweaking the Grapple Den Party playlist, and stayed out late at the party yesterday.

And the party was great. I invented a Solar Sorceress costume for the superhero theme (complete with solar sceptre and solar sandals). This was all an excuse to wear my cool new shiny gold leotard -- worked out well. I got to see, fight, and chat with a lot of good friends. But I did have two fierce and very large men gunning for me all night -- after having The Bulk (280 lbs.) and Mike (220 lbs.) going after me as hard as they could, I was yet more exhausted. But still victorious in both cases!

Aaaand today I was at very good and responsible and made it into work by 9 a.m. Thank god that's done now. Now I will go home and RELAX!

  August24, 2009, 11:12 p.m. -- OK, so it's the end of August, and most days it's horrid and sweltering out. Actually, I think that's great. I love hot weather, but it is very lazy weather and makes it hard to actually do anything. I'm distressed that I've been trying for a week to make it to any Fringe Festival show at all and have been prevented by subway malfunctions, over-scheduling, or heat-induced fatigue. (I WILL succeed tomorrow night; there is no other option!) I STILL have to make it to the beach this summer. My academy has added several new class options in the morning, which is ideal for me, but I haven't managed to increase my training frequency yet despite a couple weeks of good intentions. (Again, this WILL happen this week; I'm determined.)

However, some very good things HAVE happened lately. Somewhat in order they are:

My vacation at the beginning of August. I swung south to Wildwood on the Jersey shore for a couple of days, where I had fun strolling the boardwalk, witnessed a fantastically impressive storm sweep in off the ocean, and was able to watch some live MMA at a Reality Fighting event there.

Then I proceeded out to western PA for my yearly trip to Pennsic, a giant medieval festival. I spent a week camping and sword fighting (well, I personally use a polearm rather than a sword) in huge armored battles with a 1,000 people per side. I got a bit carried away buying belly dancing costumes even though I can't belly dance, although I did take a class while I was there. Unfortunately, it was a fairly advanced class focusing on the particular art of balancing things on your head while belly dancing. So now I know more about balancing than the basic dancing. Oh, well. Also went out to a few excellent parties around campfires. The best one was the Ladies' Night Party, which featured ungodly amounts of wonderful food and drink and (mostly) attractive shirtless male servers being indecently harassed by the feasting ladies. And, yes, this too was done around a campfire. Great night ;) And great trip.

Next, I confirmed that I'll be travelling up to Montreal again this year for the Fetish Weekend there. I'll be doing sessions and shooting wrestling videos with Pamela and judoboy while I'm there, but enjoying the city and the fetish galas will be a big part of the trip. I’m having fun planning for the high fashion scene at MFW (designing Rococo Masquerade Domina wear!), and in anticipation (and as a result of actually not having the past few weekends at home) I've been getting out to New York parties again. Dropped in at Suite Abyss the other weekend, and I must say that club dancing is a good time. Planning on much more soon!

(Other upcoming travel notes: I won't be going back to Atlanta in September after all, sadly. But I will be going to Indianapolis later that same month. Should be an interesting trip: I’ve got family out that way, and they'll get to meet some of my wrestling colleagues. Worlds will collide.)

Also, there was lately the Two-Year Anniversary Party. We had a summer beach theme and an arena rock soundtrack. A lot of good matches – we've had great talent over the past few months. I continue to believe, though, that more people need to be brave and try oil wrestling at the beach theme parties. Sure it’s a little disgusting, but it’s great fun. Cloberella was game for it and, of course, Tony, who's always game. Props to them.

Also a good news/bad news note: I had such an utter hell of a time putting together the party music on my dying laptop that it finally convinced me to get a new laptop. Alas for hellacious difficulties. Yay for the new laptop! I'm composing on it now.

Finally, there was the afore-mentioned video rematch with Kim on Sunday. That girl is so much fun to fight and really frikkin' good. I'm thrilled with my takedown performance this time around, but I also nearly died in one choke… It was an even closer fight than our last December battle, and our highly critical video editor has been raving to me about it. A good sign! And best of all, it will be available very, very soon. [ETA: It is available NOW -- VeVe vs. Kim REMATCH Video] This should be the start of a good run of video production - besides the Montreal matches, I've got a mixed competitive video and a second (and maybe third?) spandex match lined up. Good stuff heading into September; stay tuned!

  August21, 2009, 5:04 p.m. -- It's been forever since I posted a blog, and I blame two things for that --

1) My extremely busy and travel-filled summer

2) My laptop, which has gradually been dying a slow, painful death, making it really unpleasant to get online.

So let me just throw a few things out here to get a little bit caught up.

First, an exciting announcement for this weekend. I'm going to be taking on Kim in a video rematch this Sunday, and we're opening up the match to a live audience. Kim and I faced off back in December, and it was an excellent, very close, very technical, very intense and exhausting submission grappling match! Now we're both just that much better -- we were both blue belts last winter; Kim's actually been promoted to purple belt since then. I don't plan to let that make a difference, but it's going to be a hard fight!

So if you want to get a front row seat at the live event, follow this link for all the details: Live Taping Tickets

And if you want a preview of the action, or if you want to get caught up on the full drama of our first battle, you can check out these links:
YouTube Trailer
VeVe vs. Kim I in the Doom Maidens Video Store

Damn it, now I've run out of time for the rest of the updates I wanted to make, but I vow that they're soon to follow. Stay tuned for tales of my fantastic summer vacation, and my upcoming travels!

  July14, 2009, 1:24 p.m. -- Damn, so my last post was my June Grapple Den report, and here we are on the eve of the July party. Well, it's been a busy month. Just a few odds and ends about what's been going on --

My Fourth of July was nice and mellow, but NOT restful. I spent the day biking through both Brooklyn and Manhattan in glorious sunshine but too much wind. Summery and exhausting. A fine day. Then I finished off the weekend on the fifth with a late-night trip out to TES Fest in New Jersey. TES Fest is a yearly BDSM Convention; I visited to teach a Wrestling for Fetish Play demo and run a fight club party. The fight club was more or less one of the closing events of the weekend, and some people had already headed home, but the people who stayed were serious devotees. I wrestled (and demolished) one fellow who told me he'd been waiting through the whole event for that.

Just this past weekend I travelled down to North Carolina. It was a quick trip but good. One of my clients, a fine fellow who can take a HELL of a belly punching, gifted me with an awesome pair of weighted police enforcement gloves. Needless to say, we tried them out in a very fun session.

I also got to attend a UFC 100 party at a local martial arts school while I was visiting. They'd hung up a big projection screen, and I was able to grab a kickpad for a pillow and lounge on the mats while bunch of other fighters crowded around to watch and place bets on the matches. I was sorry to see Bisping lose to Henderson, but I had more stake in the St. Pierre and Lesnar fights, and those went just the way I hoped. Perhaps I should go into a big defense concerning why I DON'T hate Brock Lesnar, including why I thought his post-fight interview was NOT awful, but I'll try to be brief -- let's just say a session wrestler who prides herself on being a legitimate athlete can easily sympathize with a former WWE star who's also a legitimate athlete and an utterly impressive one at that. And any audience that boos a guy who just successfully defended his title is being inappropriate and has no business getting offended at an appropriately inappropriate response.

  June 18, 2009, 3:58 p.m. -- So the Grapple Den Party last night was a blast! We had so many wrestlers, and so many new wrestlers, it was incredible. Scarlet Menace and I were there representing the session wrestlers (Scarlet was treated to experience of taking on the Incredible Bulk -- something of a GD initiation ritual for session ladies); we had a slew of regulars, a few new martial artist fellows, two tiny new ladies who were brand new wrestling but very brave, and one bubbly, ferocious, and CRAZY girl who reminds me of myself before I had any training.

There was a main mat and a warm-up mat, and both were full continually with a queue for main mat time. Oh yes, and these fighters were not only numerous but insatiable. Just kept coming back for more, until we had to toss people out at closing time. Fan-fucking-tastic night.

My personal favorite bit of the night was my "revenge match" against a fellow I'd fought at the last party. He'd put up a hell of fight until I finally managed to pull off a win, and this time he called me out demanding vengeance. The ref gave him the option of a 5-minute, most points or submissions wins match or a sudden death, first submission wins match. He opted for sudden death.

Well, having only one chance to win was extremely motivating. I locked a guillotine on him in about five seconds, and it was VERY tight. He barely managed to pull out, and he admitted afterwards that in any other situation with less pride on the line, he would have tapped. But he managed to get free and take my back. He made the mistake of crossing his feet between my legs though, so even as he thought he had the advantage and was setting up a choke, I was able to trap his feet and score the victory with an ankle compression lock. And it was all the better because he'd chosen the sudden death option. Needless to say, we have a rematch scheduled for the July party!

I also had a great time rollin with a new girl who gave herself the fighting name Road Kill. She was new to wrestling and very light, so we were able to have a fun, easygoing match with a lot sweeps, somersaulting, and tumbling. Road Kill was very excited to start training in grappling, so we're expecting to see her at training in the park on Sunday.

Looking forward to July now...

  June 17, 2009, 5:05 p.m. -- I was extremely pleased with the photo shoot I had last night. I was working with photographer Lou Benjamin, and I put together two excellent variations on a punk Apocalypse outfit. One involved an ironically contrasting dainty white blouse, and the other made use of my giant black buckled and bespiked "stompy" boots. Both used stockings, garter belt, G-string, and my ridiculously badass posture collar made of bullets.

A third and final costume had something of a showgirl look -- turquoise vinyl top, mesh panties, and rhinestones.

I've gotten to see the raw images at this point, and my favorites are definitely the stompy boot shots, though there are some winners throughout. Lou did very nice work with the lighting, so the two blouse-less series turned out as beautiful muscle shoots. Lovely shadow and accentuation. I can't wait to get images up in my photo gallery.

I do begin to wonder, though, if it's somehow mandatory for photographers to own cats they forget to mention to the models in advance. Resulting in a practically ritual exchange before shoots --

"Oh, I'm sorry, you're not allergic to cats, are you?"
"No, no, that's fine."
"Oh good. Well, this is [cat's name], and sometimes she likes to get into the shots."
"Of course, she's the star after all."

And only after this formality is complete can we proceed further.

A few other things I've been meaning to mention, i.e. stories from my return trip to Atlanta over the past weekend.

Had a great time Friday night despite horrible weather related mishaps. My traveling companions and I were supposed to meet up with some local wrestling friends of ours at 1763, a BDSM club that was large enough and kind enough to give us permission to lay down mats during one of their parties. We fought our way out there through torrential rain to discover that not many other people had gone to the same trouble. And that the lady bringing the mats was feeling ill and didn't want to take herself out into the weather.

We ended up rerouting to a nice pub with the couple of other brave souls who showed up. We planned more grappling on future trips (and also potential white water rafting -- ???) Lovely low-key night.

I then spent the rest of the weekend WATCHING a lot of grappling. Saturday night I enjoyed the UFC at a splurge-worthy, posh sports bar. I wasn't pleased with the outcomes of the fights necessarily (I was definitely rooting for Marcus Davis over Dan Hardy, and Cheick Kongo is one of my favorite fighters, and he made a complete ass of himself against Cain Velasquez), but I fully approved of my crab cake burger.

On Sunday I saw the kids' division at a local grappling tournament. This was well worth watching. Some of the kids are amazingly impressive, and some are just freakin' adorable. I don't like kids normally, but fighting children are able to (temporarily) change my mind. I saw a 3-year-old girl, who actually trains in judo, hip throw a 5-year-old boy. And then go around for the rest of the day with her medal hanging down to her knees, grinning beatifically. I wish I'd started training so young -- I like to think I'd have conquered the world single-handedly by now.

  June 5, 2009, 11:20 a.m. -- I really thought I would get this report out yesterday, but it simply was not to be. Summer is obviously wake-up time for everyone, myself included -- I have been SO much busier lately with email, session and video requests, and more travel planning, not to mention belated spring cleaning of my website. Thanks to everyone who's making this a lovely full season for me -- you're keeping me jumping!

Anyway, the trip. Since it was a quick session trip, I did spend a lot of time in and out (mostly in) hotels with not too much chance for sight-seeing. But a few things that I did see were the Chicago subways and the Milwaukee bars. These things may sound unexciting, but I am always comparing everything to "how it is in New York," so they were fascinating to me. The Chicago trains have working intercoms, and the above-ground tracks are very scenic and pleasant. But there are no Unlimited Ride Passes -- that makes no sense. And you can still smoke in Milwaukee bars. In fact, they sell cigarettes in the bars. I'd forgotten such things were ever (and still, obviously) done.

As for fun highlights, also in Milwaukee I got a chance to meet up with the Madtown Beatdown crew, a bunch of grapplers who've lately been bringing rough combat and martial arts play to the Madison BDSM scene. I'd been corresponding with these folks online for a while -- it was awesome to meet them in person and hear about what they've been doing to build a recreational fighters' community out in their area.

And of course we celebrated the meet-up with a party -- matted out my hotel room for a late-night open mat. The featured event was a thong bikini anything-goes catfight match between myself and Zen, one of their fighters. We allowed submissions, slapping, hair-pulling, spanking, smothering, and even licking, and despite all that it was still a very fun, friendly, and sometimes hilarious match. Also, with Zen standing at just 5 feet, I got to fight someone smaller than I am! We did film the match, but the bikinis proved so flimsy that the final product turned out too scandalous to release. Great still photos came out of it though:

I have an entire new gallery dedicated to this fight up on the website here: Fight with Zen Gallery

And the rest of the party was very good too!

On the way back home, I stopped in Cleveland. Cleveland was an old stomping ground of mine when I was in college; I pleased I got to revisit a favorite restaurant there -- a New Orleans Blues venue where they give you crayons to draw on the table clothes and provide you Mardi Gras beads. (New Orleans Blues in Chicago? -- I know, I know.)

Here I also got to shoot another fun video that, I believe, WILL be released. I was working for the second time with Utopia Entertainment and much enjoyed demolishing the producer, Kip, in a scissors domination match. Again on the comparing everywhere to New York topic -- NYC would never spare space for such a filming studio as that, or if it did would charge for its use in bricks of gold.

So now I'm back home -- got back to the gym on Tuesday and back finally back to training last night. Whether I got too much rest over this trip or not enough, that was an unGODly gruelling class. Welcome back me!

I'm really going to have to get a good and disciplined groove going with my training immediately, since I'm going to have so many disruptions from MORE travel throughout the summer.

Should hopefully be posting my calendar for that (travel, not training) later today. Or tomorrow, if things go the way they did yesterday with this bog post.

  June 2, 2009, 4:58 p.m. -- I am newly back from my week-long session tour to Pittsburgh, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Philadelphia! Just arrived home last night after a lot of wrestling and a lot of driving.

I'll have a fuller report out soon, but for now let just say that was a lot of travel to fit into a short time. I would have liked to have more time every single place I stopped. But you take what you can get, and you plan return trips!

And on the subject of return trips -- I had SO many people contact me on very short notice about sessions during my stop in Philly. I wish I could have met with everyone, but the quick-time scheduling was messy, and I ended up missing a ton of people. So for everyone I didn't get to see in Philadelphia yesterday, I am planning a return trip very soon. June 19 & 20, I think -- just need to double check and confirm that.

Overall, this was a very successful and inspiring trip. I'm revved up to do more traveling, and this summer is going to be a very busy one! Atlanta, Providence, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania trips are all coming up... Stay tuned!

  May 21, 2009, 4:44 p.m. -- Writing in on the day after the May Grapple Den Party, and dear gods, am I sore! It was a fun night with a smaller crowd and a good number of spectators, which meant those of us who wanted to wrestle got all the mat time we wanted. Yay! And also Ow.

So the theme last night was Jocks vs. Nerds, and I went representing the jocks (having already gotten my nerd on earlier this week seeing the new Star Trek movie, which I quite enjoyed). I got to battle Princess Slayer in her wrestling cheerleader get-up, and Damien and I fought the signature match of the evening with him in the nerd camp (we're always on opposite sides!). That match came to a draw, so while jock pride was not damaged, I didn't score any stolen lunch money or get to stuff him in a locker either. Ah, well...

I'll also mention that the nerd highlight fight of the night occurred when "Hanz" Vanderkil and "Princess Slayer" faced off. This wasn't pre-planned, but fortunately I had the Star Wars theme on the playlist anyway, and it served well.

And another fun thing for me was getting to spar with a quite skilled former high school and college wrestler. Collegiate wrestling always fascinates me; the movement is so noticeably different than in grappling, and I love finding technically challenging opponents.

* * *

Now on another topic, it's high season for videos again. I had a very fun shoot with Utopia Entertainment last Sunday. This was a domination style match, very leggy with long, torturing holds. But again, it was such a fun shoot! My opponent, Thrash, was an excellent victim, great to work with, and loved getting beaten up. I couldn't stop laughing while choking, scissoring, and tossing him about; it was great play time. I'm told it's a little frighting that I grin so much when I fight; push me a little farther and I'm sure the gleeful cackling could be considered maniacal. Muah-ha-ha.

Also, I've got another shoot coming up with FemFightClub this Sunday. That'll be a couple of competitive fem vs. fem matches with Keri and, I think, another of her girls. Not to mention that I'll be shooting another female wrestling match when I'm on the road next week in Milwaukee or that my rematch with Gianna will be coming out soon at Doom Maidens.

  May 14, 2009, 6:35 p.m. -- Just a quick update to share some excellent news. I was promoted at my BJJ academy today! Well, not exactly promoted, but I did get a new stripe on my blue belt. So a step on the way to purple belt. Very fun. And encouraging!

Also, I have to say how much I like this morning's instructor. He teaches basic, simple, high-success-rate moves, he's super-positive even early in the morning, he gets to know students individually, and what especially struck me today, he sticks to traditions some of the younger (and "cooler") instructors let slide.

There was a mass of promotions this morning -- like 5 stripes given out and two people raised to blue belt. For the belt awards, the instructor made the whole class turn to face the back wall so we couldn't see what would happen, snuck through the class and delivered the ritual beatings with the new belts. So you could hear the thwacks but not see who was being honored. Or know, if you were a high-ranking white belt, if you were going to be chosen. And afterwards everybody was encouraged to congratulate everyone else.

It was a little mini-party atmosphere at 8:30 a.m. with everyone needing to rush off to work. But it completely set such a great tone for the day. I am so pleased this guy sticks to the ritual forms. It's much more fun and meaningful that just handing someone a new belt, which I've also seen. Like keeping Santa and the Easter Bunny real for kids as long as you can -- it means something; it's special.

So, awesome morning, and thanks to a great professor.

  May 11, 2009, 9:52 p.m. -- So things are a little quiet at the moment, but they're about to get exciting. Right now I'm hanging in, keeping up with my training and lifting, making a conscious effort to get up-to-date everywhere and with everything online (getting my MySpace out of the Stone Age...), and looking forward to getting my poor old clunking laptop fixed up at the Apple store tomorrow.

But I'm very excited my upcoming session tour at the end of the month! I got the whole thing confirmed after a good bit of uncertainty, and I'll be making stops to offer wrestling sessions in Pittsburgh on May 26-27, in Chicago on the 27th-29th, in Milwaukee on the 29th-31st, and in Cleveland on the 31st-1st. It will be a lot of driving, but fortunately I love that. It's high time to get out of New York for a little while and take the fighting on the road!

Also on this trip I'll be competing in a grappling tournament on the 30th (I can't get enough, clearly). AND I'll finally get to meet some online grappling friends from the Madison area -- they'll be coming to my tournament and hosting a fight club afterparty at their hotel that night. Cheering squad + party = tons of awesome. Can't wait to meet these folks. And to top it all off, I have a few video prospects along the route as well.

So this trip probably doesn't count as a vacation. It will be great, but madly busy. That said, anybody out there in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Milwaukee, or Cleveland who'd like to get together for a session while I'm visiting should get in touch and schedule! Time will be precious!

And as a final note, things are getting ready to pick up back home in New York as well. I have a few video and photo prospects brewing here as well; more soon when I see what materializes from them. Grapple Den is increasing its training workshops from once to twice this coming week, and since the weather is FINALLY getting nice, the Wednesday session will be moving outside to Washington Square Park. And of course the Grapple Den Nerds vs. Jocks Party will be May 20. Should be a good kick-off to the travels!

  May 6, 2009, 10:09 p.m. -- So now, belatedly, which is an unfortunate trend with my blog posts, I have an account to offer of my tournament last Saturday. This was a no-gi only tourney, so it was smaller and quicker than most of them, but it was still a fun, full day.

The adventures began even before I arrived. Going out on the train, I made a new friend, which is to say another tournament competitor recognized me as a fellow fighter and latched on. This was pretty amusing; the guy was just out of college, very new to grappling, and unbelievably excited about everything. I got to hear all about the intense water-fast, weight-cutting program he’d put himself through for this tournament and his involved strategy for winning it all. Good guy, and it’s fun to know people and cheer them on between your own matches, but, holy shit, this one was, I repeat, excited.

So, arriving at the event, I found that there were a lot of women there, more than I’d expected, but they were divided up into many weight and skill classes. I ended up with only four total women in my advanced flyweight division and five in the absolute division. There was also a freestyle wrestling tournament going on in the same huge warehouse-like convention center. Fun to see that side-by-side with the grappling.

My division rolled around. Unfortunately, I got no advance notice of this, so I went into my first fight totally cold and still subconsciously in warm-up mode. So that was not my fight. In fact, the other girl rather demolished me – but she only won on points, and I found out afterwards that she had a 20-year martial arts career, 12 years of grappling, and is training as a pro kick-boxer. So I didn’t feel too badly. I would have had another match for third/fourth, but my opponent was injured in her first fight and had to forfeit. So in advanced flyweight, I took third based on survival credit.

Then there was the absolute division. Sadly, the way the bracket worked out I ended up facing the same girl again, again in my first fight. She still had her 20 years of experience, but at least this time I was warmed up. I am very pleased that I was doing much better in this match. The score was much closer, and I had the lead for a while…but she went for a footlock, which she’d tried before and I’d managed to escape. I wasn’t worried; I went to perform the same escape, but then there was an audible pop from my ankle. For that, I had to tap.

Everyone was pretty distressed (“Was it your knee?!?!” “No, it wasn’t my knee…”). But I iced the ankle for a few minutes and felt all right to go in for my third/fourth fight. This time my opponent (at 170) was much heavier than I am, but also much younger – only 13. Some of these advanced kids can be amazing, though; they’ve started training young, and they can easily have been at it longer than I have! So in this match, my opponent took me down with a very neatly done hip throw and took side control. I got my hips out, hooked her leg, and executed the escape to take her back. I don’t remember how she recovered guard, but I managed to pass, take side mount, and finally gain mount to win on points. A more legitimate third place finish in absolute, so that was pleasing.

Meanwhile, in between matches I’d discovered that one of my opponents from the Providence tournament was at this one as well. We got reacquainted; she was very interested to hear about my March trip to the Atlanta competition and wanted to get in on future long distance tournament road trips. She also got to meet my eager young buddy from the train. They got on very well. Apparently they follow the same water diet.

So that was my tournament. An acceptable showing and more stock for my trove of experience. I made it back to the city in time go for a lovely but unwise walk on my compromised ankle and get a badly needed dinner.

  April 15, 2009, 3:57 p.m. -- I'm having a busy couple of days here as grappling goes. Last night I shot a scissors wrestling video with Amazon Annie, and tonight is the April Grapple Den Party!

First, a report on the match with Annie -- fun and challenging! I have a much harder time in a fight when you take away my jiu-jitsu techniques and put me against an opponent who equals almost two of me. I held my own, though. It's a good thing we made it a pure scissors fight -- if it had been scissors and smothering, I'd have been done for! And I must say that Annie is a pleasure to fight, even if her glee in "crushing people" is rather alarming. The video should be out on Friday!

And tonight, the Grapple Den Tax Day Party. Personally, I cannot think of a better reason to celebrate. My taxes are done, and my refund is pending, all lined up through direct deposit. Also, yay for e-filing. I did not have to fill out any horrid paperwork. Now I sound like a tax nerd. But the point is it's all done! Now I go party! And kick ass!

Also a bit of looking forward here. I may potentially have a private video shoot this Saturday evening, but I've remembered it's a UFC night. Damn. Must try to move the shoot earlier. And also to note, I've been getting an oddly high number of video requests lately. What is in the air? I just confirmed something for May 15, with other discussions in progress. Exciting.

  April 6, 2009, 1:43 p.m. -- My weekend -- Well, I did NOT go to the tournament in New Jersey this weekend, and on the one hand that's sad because apparently it was a huge, successful tournament with 80 competitors in the womens' divisions and I'm told some people were actually asking for me and wondering where I was.

On the other hand, I didn't feel like I'd had enough training time between Atlanta and Jersey to really improve my game, I'd been desperately needing a couple days at home to get about 20 things done, and I am so goddamn intensely sore after just training and lifting at the gym this weekend that I think my body needed recovery time more than it needed a tournament.

So overall I'm pretty pleased with my quiet weekend. My no-gi academy class on Saturday was fantastic. I've been irritated lately with a lot of the instructors' emphasis on sparring and endurance training almost to the exclusion of teaching techniques. And the same instructors have very "figure it out yourselves" or "skip it entirely" attitudes toward takedowns, which I don't find helpful at all.

So I was thrilled to find we have a new guy teaching who, wonder of wonders, balances technical drilling and live sparring, has some kind of method to his takedown instruction, and is furthermore very pleasant and detailed in his teaching style. Definitely going back to the same class next Saturday.

As for the 20 things I needed to do, I only got done about three of them, but it wasn't for lack of working. And at least those things are done. You can see them, actually; they are new photo galleries for this website -- The Boxing Gallery, The MMA Gallery, and The Fashion/Portraits Gallery. These came from my questionable black-eye photoshoot, but nonetheless, there are some lovely images, and I'm proud of both the photos and the gallery construction!

A few other tidbits about the weekend -- Good Things: Went out to two lovely dinners in Manhattan, which included trying two new restaurants and exploring one new neighborhood (during one of the warmer rain showers of April so far); enjoyed a long and thorough lift for legs and biceps on Sunday; finally got confirmation that my sessions/tournament trip to Chicago and Milwaukee in May is a go (yay!); and had a great time taking my bike out in the first nice biking weather of the year.

Bad Thing: The bike got stolen. Fucking NYC bike thieves. I'd be more pissed off about it if the rest of the weekend hadn't been so nice. But apparently, since I have no proof of ownership, I can't even file a token police report. Actually, it IS pretty annoying.

  March 24, 2009, 5:00 p.m. -- This post really should have gone up yesterday, but I was extremely exhausted and for very good reason. But the story of my Atlanta trip must be told, so here it is a day late.

Let me first note, though, that I have gotten the pictures back from my photo shoot with Pich. He was amazingly good about turnaround time, and gave me A LOT of pictures to work with. So many that what with my busy weekend of travel, I haven't quite gotten to look at them all yet. But now I'm back, and a new photo gallery is on it's way...

On to the travel tales! It began last Wednesday with my waking up early for my a.m. academy grappling class and hauling a lot of extra luggage along with me. After training, the luggage came to work with me, and after that it came to the gym with me and waited in the locker room while I did a lift for legs. Next, I dragged it along to my evening training session with Grapple Den. And after that, then and only then did that bloody luggage and I pile into a massive van along with Veronica, Kim, Damien, and Tony to begin our 15-hour drive to Atlanta. We left at 9:30 p.m. and arrived at our hotel at 12:30 p.m. the next day. Very efficient all-night driving. I was lucky enough to get the morning shift. That was beautiful; I love morning driving.

We ended up with time to shower and have lunch (thank God) before heading over to 1763 to set up for Atlanta's first Grapple Den Party. It was a small party being on a funny night in new territory, but some excellent people showed up. We met a very pleasant and talented local white belt (seriously, very talented for a white belt; in my estimation he's due a promotion), who gave me a great fight that night, kindly served as Veronica's drilling dummy for some pre-tournament technical review, and was good enough to to turn up at the tournament Saturday and cheer us all on.

It was also great to meet our awesome Atlanta party sponsor Dominique Danger. She is a lovely and powerful lady, and I would say that the greatest spectacle of the night was watching her take on her powerlifting partner in a wrestling match. You don't often see that much size and muscle moving that damn fast; it was very impressive. Of course, it was also impressive when she threw her very petite lady wrestler friend onto the mats with the big guy -- enormous props to that girl for taking him on and for blazing through that match like a fireball. Come to think of it, the classic me versus Vincent battles probably look similar, or would if Vincent were mad built.

Friday was a very welcome day of rest, combined with wrestling sessions at the hotel, and an evening weigh-in for the tournament. I tipped the scale at 119.5 this time, which brought me down from the lightweight division to the top of flyweight for the first time. Which would have been great if there'd BEEN a flyweight division, but no one else entered at my size and skill level, so I got bumped back up again to be the smallest lightweight. C'est la vie. As I joked to Damien, weighing in lighter doesn't mean I won't fight bigger people, just that now no one is small enough to escape me!

And on Saturday, the tournament itself. It was quite a good day. We had a huge fan section ringside made up of the guy from the party, some of Veronica's friends from outside Atlanta, another competitor who simply decided we seemed nice, and even some fans of another girl who saw one of my matches and decided they wanted to stay and cheer for me. It was great to have that much energy and support behind me -- and that many extra hands to mind the video camera during matches!

There were three girls total in my advanced no-gi division -- in my first match I ended up very evenly matched with my opponent. I got the takedown with a leg sweep, but it ended in a scramble, and she pulled me into her guard. Quite simply, this girl had an amazing guard. I tried everything to pass it and then tried everything again. Finally, I managed a reversal, but she ended in my guard, so no dominant position points for either of us. I kept very active, attempting sweeps and submissions, but the clock ran out with her still in my guard (she didn't pass mine either!) and with her just ahead in points. This was a hotly contested match -- the spectators were on my side, and reviewing the video, Damien commented that one of submission attempts didn't look strong enough to be awarded the full two points it got, but I feel we both did well, and I don't begrudge her the win.

I fought again in no-gi for second or third, and this time my opponent was a 15-year-old female high school wrestler. She was incredibly powerful and rather wild -- definitely more of a wrestler than a grappler, which ended up working ro my advantage. She bulldozed me on the takedown, actually lifted and ran with me into the next ring, and after they reset us, she double-legged me such that the ref warned her very severely against slamming. I also took a couple "incidental" blows to my face and belly during this fight, but for all that she was ferocious, I had the technical edge on this girl. She got side mount on me at one point, and I was easily able to replace guard. I pulled off a cross-over sweep to half-guard, and fought to pass that for a little while. When I finally pulled free to mount, time was nearly out, so I hung on while she bucked like crazy (like a freestyle wrestler with her back on the ground, actually) to maintain position and win on points.

There were four of us in the blue belt gi division -- me, my two no-gi opponents, and a fourth girl. In my first match I fought the new girl for a refreshingly quick and easy win. I took her down with a messy hip throw; she landed in my guard; and I got a beautiful gi choke on her such as you hardly see outside of the illustrations in books. Guard girl fought wrestler girl and took the win, so I faced guard girl again for first or second. The only thing I regret about the whole tournament is the takedown in that last fight. I decided to try for a jumping triangle attack, asked myself what position I needed to do it, and realized I was ALREADY THERE at the moment the other girl jumped guard on me. That was just a very frustrating instance of being a second too slow. From there our match played out just like our no-gi one. Again, that girl's guard -- holy shit. I nearly congratulated her on it during the match, but I was occupied by recovering from a sweep attempt. Again, I finally pulled a reversal to put her in my guard, and again the clock ran out with her holding a slight point advantage.

I was quite pleased with my performance at this tournament. I was never submitted, and I took silver in both my divisions after four very respectable fights. Definitely an improvement over my last two tournaments, and I think it shows a steady improvement since I was dropped into the advanced division last November like a hamster into the ocean. In November, I was devastatingly crushed; in February I had two good fights but no wins; and in March, I went two and two with all fights being ones I feel good about. It's a slow climb, but I'm working that comeback.

Veronica and Kim had good showings as well, but I'm running on too long, so ask them how they did if you're curious!

Saturday night included a very pleasant and well-deserved dinner out in Atlanta. A lovely warm Southern evening, mojitos, Mexican, and ridiculously rich chocolate. This was actually all I saw of Atlanta proper since all the grappling kept me too busy for sight-seeing!

Sunday I hung out at the kids tournament, which was great entertainment. Some of the kids are truly impressive, and some are either so tiny or so new that they're incredibly funny. Afterwards when we were ready to leave, there was a half hour of terror as we waited for Kim, who was new to American driving and was late getting back from a shopping trip she'd taken with our giant van. But she did get back safely in the end, and we hit the road for another all-nighter. I was on a tight time-limit to return since I had a morning wrestling session scheduled before I had to be into work at 9.

I just made it -- grabbed an espresso, had a truly lovely session, and got to work a whole minute early. I wasn't that awake at work, granted, and I didn't muster the energy to write this blog until today, but the trip was a total success. And after a very early night last night, I'm now much recovered! Which is good since Grapple Den New York is tomorrow night...

  March 13, 2009, 10:42 a.m. -- Yesterday's plans were not really the BEST laid, so I am not, after all, surprised they went awry. What happened, almost immediately after I posted my last blog entry with such reckless optimism, was that Miss Juliette called in sick.

Now, this was the ONLY night for the next three weeks that all the interested parties could match up our schedules to meet. It looked like the whole thing was going to fall through, but we decided to at least try to replace Juliette. It was short notice to find someone to take an actually very unappealing fight ("No, it won't be fun, or fake, or, not exactly wrestling....striking, yes, a lot of strikes to the face...yes, for real"), but it actually worked out fantastically.

Kim stepped up to do it, and we unleashed some of our tension over our seriously overlapping wrestling niches here in NYC. Granted this isn't the smallest pool, but how many lightweight, short & messy-haired, bubbly blue belts does the city need? Don't know and can't trademark that, but occasionally you can go to war with the competition. And, Jesus, did we go to war -- that girl does NOT like to be hit; I had a moment of thinking she'd actually gone berserker on me. Actually, I think she DID.

We fought for an hour without even a water break -- at most a pause for breath. In the end, I relied on my policy that a strike is a painful annoyance and distraction, but not a fight-clincher (this works when you're sticking to slapping) to dive through the flurries and squeeze ahead in the submission tally.

Tragically, with all the last minute switch-around stuff, we weren't able to preserve/renegotiate the video taping, so this was a great fight lost to the ages. The audience, though, witnessed something that was absolutely sick.

Glory and adrenaline aside, I did not come out of this unscathed. I was hoping, but it was a foolish hope. I ended up with a black eye and a half...and so last night I sadly called the photographer for today's shoot. "I have a stupid story to tell..." I began.

And let me tell you, photographers are a quirky bunch. "Is it an interesting black eye?" he responded. He seemed very happy. So the shoot is on, and we should be getting some quite unusual things out of it. Pich expressed interest in shooting both vintage fashion and boxing photos. I'm intrigued.

Come to think of it, this is the SECOND time a photographer has been in favor of my being bruised up for a shoot. Granted, the first time the project was a promotion for an S&M fashion show, so there ya go.

The adventure continues later today...

  March 12, 2009, 1:08 p.m. -- It never rains... Starting tonight and driving on through this weekend, I am going to have a full and crazy time. And the beginning of this week was crazy getting everything set up for these long-weekend projects.

So, I have a photo shoot scheduled with Pich Blaaknes of for this Friday. No problem there, that's been set up for a while, and I'm looking very forward to it. We're going to do a range of photos -- fitness shots for SweetMuscle and more fitness, artistic, and vintage material for both our portfolios. In and of themselves photo shoots are a lot of fun, and I also can't wait to see what comes out and get the best of it up on this site.

What HAS been nuts -- I spent all day Tuesday getting everything in line for not one but two video shoots, one Wednesday night and one Sunday. What with all the back-and-forth, multi-directional emailing, phoning, and texting I was feeling like an entertainment mini-mogul and very revved-up and accomplished by the end of the day. THEN I spent all day Wednesday troubleshooting for the Wed. night shoot, trying to save it from falling through, and finally rescheduling it for tonight. So, ultimately, success! But I began to get a little crazy, and I'm glad these are going to be fight videos so I can vent some frustrations in them.

So tonight, a catfight with Miss Juliette. I mentioned this to one video fan, and he asked "Will this be an intense catfight or a fluffy catfight?" Answer: Not Fluffy. The fight was commissioned on the criteria "not friendly" and "heavy face-slapping." Also, Juliette and I both have HIGH bitch capacities. And like I said, frustrations to burn, so I expect this to be a nasty slap-down brawl.

Then on Sunday I've got a rematch video to shoot with Diablo. That's going to be pure high-energy, high-endurance competitive, technical fighting. Anyone who's seen our first match will know it ended in a draw, so to keep that from happening again -- and to keep things new -- we're going to be trying another format in this one: first half of the match wearing traditional BJJ gis and second half no-gi (meaning for me my signature "fighting thong...") Changing attire really changes the style of the fight, so I expect switching half-way through will be an interesting variable.

Now, you may have noticed that I have Saturday off here. So what am I talking about? Busy? How can I say that? Well, all I can say is "Thank God for Saturday." I expect these two fights to be exhausting ones, and Friday to be a late night. And just in case I'm not tired on Saturday, I could always go to my super-heated, intense and sweaty no-gi academy class. That might, however, be madness...

  March 8, 2009, 10:52 p.m. -- I had an excellent and productive day today. After a good, long sleep-in (I had reason; I could go into the trials I had last night with rerouted and out-of-service trains and how late I got home, but that would be another post.), I headed to the gym. I did a standard lift for chest -- I'm back on a 10-12 rep hypertrophy/endurance program since my shoulder sprain rudely derailed my strength regimen. Then after doing a normal amount of work and pumping up a little, I went on to shoot a biceps lifting video.

I must say, my gym is not exactly used to people videotaping their lifts (and some of the crazy things people do there should never be immortalized on film). I was prepared to explain it as an art project, but despite a lot of curious attention, no one said a thing. I'll also add that shooting multiple takes to acquire the correct angles and lighting balances can lead to a lot more reps than an ordinary lift would call for. That was an exhausting video shoot! It also turned out some footage that I like a lot. The video will be edited and available soon, and I'm very excited over the idea of doing a whole gym series with vids for all the major muscle groups.

After that, I met with a good training partner of mine to do some very specific gi-based takedown drilling in preparation for the grappling tournament I'll be fighting in on my Atlanta trip. I'm focusing on my gi game especially going into this one, and takedowns are both the most nerve wracking part of a match for me and the least-emphasized element at my academy. Yes, those two things are definitely related. It was great to get in some focused work. I feel much better about my jumping triangle attack.

  Feb. 24, 2009, 10:52 p.m. -- This was my first day back back on the attack since my shoulder injury last weekend - that is to say, my first day back and properly training.

I sat in on an academy class last Wednesday, which made me rather wistful. Also, that same day, my favorite instructor announced he's leaving the school and moving, literally, to the other side of the world. Geez, bummer. But at least I didn't miss that day, since it was his last class.

Anyway, I've been really pushing limits with this recovery -- I kept lifting all through last week, first therapeutically and then bringing in full routines for biceps, legs, and chest. I've had to put the heavy strength program on hold, but, damn, I still worked. And I also rolled at an open mat on Sunday didn't take it as easy as I probably should have. Quick recovery? I'm insisting on it!

Still, though, I haven't been completely reckless. I saved participating in an academy class until today, when I was feeling up to it. Went all right -- the technique we drilled was a method to break an opponent's grip on your lapels, trap his arm, and apply a gi choke from the bottom of guard.

I'm still sore enough that I need to be cautious and allow for some limited mobility on the right side, but on the other hand, that makes for an interesting training exercise, and I feel as long as I don't do anything stupid, working the shoulder's much better for its healing than letting it sit and stiffen up.

Soooo... A few other fun notes -- The cut I got to go along with that sprain hasn't been nearly so much trouble. It's closed right up and lined up rather aesthetically with my eyebrow. I took the stitch out myself on Thursday -- with nail clippers, which were actually beautifully effective. Note 2: Grapple Den Party tomorrow night! And Note 3: I suddenly have many fun and intriguing prospects for photo projects brewing, so hopefully, I'll have more to report on that soon.

  Feb. 15, 2009, 9:37 a.m. -- This morning there is good news and bad news. In a long-awaited and eagerly anticipated move for me, I am finally officially launching this website today! I've futzed around with a few things for what seems like forever trying to make them perfect, and while they're not perfect yet, I've got them to a presentable stage (I think), and perfecting can happen gradually as we go forward. If I'm wrong, and I've missed any glaring, horrible errors, people will have to write in and let me know.

So anyway, I will send out the announcement as soon as I've posted this blog. FEBRUARY 15TH, 2009, VEVELANE.COM GOES LIVE!!!

The second thing I have to report on is my tournament yesterday -- that was a combination of good and bad, but definitely made for an interesting day. I checked in and waited a LOOOONG time for my division to come up (That's just what you do at these events unless you're lucky enough to be a five-year-old child, whose division goes first.) only to find that there was only one other competitor at my skill level and she was way out of my weight class. OK, no problem; I'll give it a try. So we got to fighting, me at 122 lbs. and my opponent at 148 lbs., in the women's expert no-gi division.

It was quite a good match. I shot at her to score a nice inside sweep take-down. Going down she caught me in a guillotine from the bottom of half-guard. I defended and passed her half-guard, we rolled and then I had the guillotine from the bottom of guard. It was a nice, tight hold, but she still managed to escape. We went back and forth some more, and I started to feel like I had some leeway in the match. The other girl was heavier and when she moved, she had a lot of momentum to bring against me, but her holds weren't tight in a way that felt threatening. And that was my mistake -- I thought I could allow her to set up a kimura attack and then escape, but I was overconfident, and she managed to get the lock.

After that, I did end up getting a second match, and that's where the craziness of the day began. The winner of the lightweight intermediate division was asked to fight up so we could make a lw. advanced division. This turned match turned into a good indication of how arbitrary tournament divisions can be. This girl was quite good; she could have been fighting in advanced to begin with. She had some techniques I didn't know (I got vaulted to advanced early on, actually, through good instinct; I have some technical catch-up to do against some of the fighters with longer careers), but I coped, assessed her game, and gave back to her.

It was a great looking fight -- people came up to me afterwards and gave compliments about how impressed they were watching it. A lot of scrambling, speed, and escapes both ways; both of us moving ahead and back in points. And then our heads crashed together, I glanced to the side, and saw blood on mats. I yelled to ref, and we had to stop the fight. My brow had split open, and they brought the medics out to try to close it up. They declared it a very deep cut, and I assumed they were going to call off the fight, but after they staunched the blood, they gave me the option to continue, and my opponent and I both agreed we'd go for it.

That turned out to be an unlucky choice because, though we went for another good two minutes, almost running out the clock, and I further impressed the spectators with my gameness, in the very last seconds she caught me in a standard armbar from guard that went strangely awry, and I felt something pop in my shoulder. I tapped for that.

So it was an unsuccessful day as far as winning medals went, but I did have two good fights, and both my opponents were fantastic people to fight and meet. The middleweight girl asked if she could come train with me in the future, and the lightweight said she'd seen my at previous tournaments and had wanted to fight me for a long time. She also invited me to a rematch after my cut had healed. (I didn't let on about the shoulder until I got off the mat -- it would have been a bit much.)

So I ended up missing my gi division and driving myself to the ER to get my head stitched and glued and my shoulder injury diagnosed as a sprain. And I reflected that I was pretty happy with the day actually; it had given me a good new perspective on the tournament thing. I spent a long time in the beginner brackets when I started out, winning some and losing some, until I hit a phenomenal winning streak, shot through intermediate and landed in advanced. I had originally hope I could just keep shooting upwards, but what I've realized is that getting to the advanced level is actually becoming a beginner again. I'm just beginning at that level, and through luck I missed putting in some of the ground work I would otherwise have put in as an intermediate fighter. It looks like tournaments are going to be a learning experience for me for a while, until I can acclimate and hit that good stride I had again. I definitely improved between last November's contest and this one, so I'm going to focus on positives like that, have fun, enjoy and learn from my fights, and shrug off as much pain as I can.

On that note, though, the bad news is that I'm out of training for at least a week on doctor's orders, and the sprain will take much longer to recover fully. Blech.

And just for an added kick, that's how I spent my Valentine's Day!

  Feb. 2, 2009, 7:24 p.m. -- Yesterday I started a new weightlifting program at the gym. I've been excited to get going on this one; it's a three-month program in three parts -- one month for strength, one for muscle mass, and one for leaning out. I worked all the various lifts into my calendar and took my measurements so I can monitor my progress far more scientifically than I normally do, and I got to work.

And I must say this program, or the current strength portion of it anyway, is rather crazy. Just massively time-consuming. Like five sets of nine different exercises and long rest intervals. I spent two hours on legs yesterday, and this morning with my gym opening at 7:30 and my work day starting at 9, I couldn't finish chest and shoulders.

However, I feel this is pretty awesome. For one thing, I am not nearly as sore in the legs today as I expected to be. And for another, I went back to the gym and finished up today's lift over my lunch hour. So this is going to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. But I am so all for forging ahead and seeing what I can get out of it. Two lifts a day? It'll be something to try. Grrr! I feel very justified in growling at this time.

  Jan. 29, 2009, 5:01 p.m. -- I've got to report on the excellent Grapple Den party I attended last night, first of all. I must say, I was a little wary of attending since I was just getting over a cold, and I was planning to take it easy. When does that ever happen, right? Nonetheless, I was feeling up to decking myself out in hippy gear in honor of the Flower Power theme, and I have a duty as the Grapple Den DJ, after all. (I served my duty as a hippy party DJ by playing far too much Rolling Stones under the excuse that they're period appropriate if not always mood appropriate, but no one seemed to mind.)

So the party got rolling, and it so happened that a large group of friends all from the same martial arts school (I never found out which one, but their style incorporated a lot of freestyle type movement with submission grappling objectives) got a series of back-and-forth matches going between them. Now these guys were fun to watch and brimming with energy, but I couldn't let things continue with no representation from the lady wrestlers. So I stripped off my love beads and plunged in. Had a very fun match with Liz, faced several people ridiculously bigger than me in the Royal Rumble, invented a new and irreplicable omoplata to arm bar transition in a mini session, and was mad impressed by the ability of a new girl, Desiree. She's only been training three DAYS she said; damn, I would love to see her in a few months then.

Also, this Gapple Den had an amazing representation of guest wrestlers -- Sarah Tiger, Jasmine Flower, and Helen Von Mott. I didn't get a chance to roll with Jasmine, and Sarah and I are saving up for our video catfight tomorrow, but I did face Helen in the Royal Rumble, and also got to work with her a little on the auxiliary mat, where she showed me a nice omoplata technique of hers. Very cool to have all these ladies come out. They were a big hit, and I believe Helen quite impressed the martial arts school contingent.

So, the next Grapple Den is Feb. 25th with a Cops and Robbers theme. And the one other thing I had to mention besides the party is that this is a crazy video week for me. Not only do I have my catfight shoot with Sarah Tiger tomorrow, but on Saturday, I'm doing a spandex domination match. Spandex domination. It's even fun to say. Just try it.

  Jan. 25, 2009, 11:22 a.m. -- So, here I am making my first blog entry on this site, and what do I have to report? Basically, that I have been doing a lot of web design just lately. A lot, a lot. On the one hand, this is very exciting. I'm delighted with how this place is shaping up. Kudos to my webmaster for giving me such a good structure to work with, and kudos to me for tweaking it to my liking.

There's also the fact that for me to be doing a lot of web design means that I have also been learning a lot of web design. Again, exciting. I could go on about how awesome it is that I've figured out how to change the color of the borders around my pictures, and any actually internet-savvy readers I may have would scoff and chuckle.

On the other hand, this is slightly ridiculous. It's putting me in mind of all-nighters from the college days, and I do not truly have a deadline here. Well, not other than the fact that having the apartment mostly to myself this weekend has given me wonderfully focused working time, and that will come to an end tomorrow. But, seriously, I must get out into the open air. All this typing and hunching and squinting seems rather inglorious for a lady with her own wrestling website. (Irony, paradox, a glimpse behind the scenes -- call it what you will.)

Time to post this sucker and be off to the gym! Resizing my scrolling fields can wait! Though this web fiddling is strangely addicting, and I'll feel very accomplished when I can finally launch this thing. No, I am off! Tinkering and launching tonight! (c) 2009-2012 VeVe Lane