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A few of my less common session styles draw *a lot* of questions. Hopefully this will clear things up --

Bondage & Escape Wrestling/Play:
Lots of options here -- both fighters can start unbound and then wrestle with the goal to tie the other person up rather than to get a pin or submission. This can be competitive, semi-comp, or fantasy/domination like any other wrestling session. Once the loser is bound, we may take time to allow struggle and escape attempts, or we may be too impatient and the winner will immediately untie the loser for another round. Alternatively, one fighter might start partially bound and fight to get free and defend himself at the same time. And finally, bondage can also be used to create interesting handicaps in matches -- a no-legs or a one-arm match, for example. Take your pick!

Catfighting: These are wrestling matches including slapping and hairpulling but *not* scratching or biting -- no blood in my sessions! These matches are often arranged between two lady wrestlers for a viewer to watch, but I will also book one-on-one catfighting sessions with men -- if any are brave enough!

Fantasy Knockouts:
One of my favorite types of sessions, and definitely the sort that draws the most questions! This is a striking session, but the strikes are light or pantomimed. The fighters act out a scenario like a boxing championship or a mugging, until the climactic moment when the loser is knocked out -- which is also *acted* out. No one is really knocked unconcious in a fantasy knockout session; these are fun, damage-free KOs, and the sessions are often very light hearted.

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