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I offer professional wrestling sessions, i.e. private wrestling matches, to anyone looking for a competitive challenge, a brutal ass-kicking, or an all-around sweaty good time. I'm a submission grappler, currently continuing my training at a top-level BJJ academy, and I work out and weight train religiously. I bring a wealth of martial arts smarts and superior physical conditioning to my sessions, but I will also match the intensity of the fight to my opponent's skill level, and I love to play, chat, and have fun.

I happily accept male and female clients. I'm based in New York City, with private studio space in Brooklyn (Bushwick), and I also travel on session tours.

For more information you can check out my:

Travel Schedule

You can also Contact Me directly to arrange a session or discuss bringing me to your city.

And you can also simply read on below for more about my available session styles and specialties.

I look forward to seeing you on the mats!

Session Styles

Wrestling (submission or pin)
Competitive and "Ultra" Competitive
Semi-competitive and Light
Bondage & Escape Wrestling/Play

Other Specialties
Belly Punching
Beat Downs
Fantasy Knockouts
Muscle Worship
Dual sessions with other lady wrestlers
Posing, modeling, photography, video

Strength Challenges
Lift & carry (up to 180 lbs)
Strength competitions and gym lifting demonstrations

Bio from

VeVe is a high-octane cocktail of ferocity, physicality, intelligence, and fighting skill. Her sweet and friendly demeanor will put you at your ease (and off your guard)...until the match begins. She loves the sweaty athletic struggle of a straight-up grappling bout just as much as the creative sensuality or cruelty of fantasy, domination, and roleplay wrestling.

VeVe's also a master practitioner and innovator of bondage wrestling -- step onto her rope-rigged mat and you'll have only yourself to thank when you end up bound and helpless despite your struggles. Requests for other creative match styles, unique scenarios, and special attire are also heartily welcomed.

This lean beauty trains regularly and hits the gym with a passion, so watch out for her fighting fury and fantastically defined biceps. Whether you're looking for a fight or craving to be locked up, roughed up, and ground down, VeVe will dish it out and keep on coming. She doesn't stop; she doesn't quit; she's got the skills and tenacity to fight for days on end.

If you think she can beat you, you want to meet her. If you think you can beat her, you NEED to meet her. Try your luck. Bring it on. No crying afterward!

Uncommon Session Styles Defined

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